12 Weeks Pregnant

So you’re 12 weeks pregnant…

At 12 weeks you are SO close to the first-trimester finish line!

For many, this marks a period when those bothersome pregnancy symptoms lessen, such as the morning sickness and fatigue. However, the change in hormones around this time can spur some other discomforts, including headaches and dizziness. These headaches can be caused by many factors, though—like drops in blood pressure, fatigue, stress, and hormones—so you might have to play detective to determine what may be triggering them.

And don’t be surprised if you’re starting to sport a baby bump, though others may not notice it as early as you would.

Baby’s Development

Baby is now measuring about 2.1 inches long (half an inch in growth since the past week!) and weighs up to .5 ounces.

Baby’s skeleton is currently made of cartilage, but it will now begin developing into bone, beginning with the skull and long bones. And baby’s features continue to become more, well, baby-like, with earlobes forming. Baby is also working on that grip strength and can now open and close fingers to make a teeny tiny fist.

Almost all of baby’s important organs and systems are formed now in that little body, so now the goal is growth, growth and some more growth!