Gestation Age

Agape offers limited obstetric ultrasounds to help clients make choices surrounding a current pregnancy. Some people are often concerned about when the conception occurred. To better understand this, Agape’s trained medical personnel can determine the gestational age (or how many weeks pregnancy) by looking at your cycle and with the use of ultrasound.

How do you determine gestational age?

Agape’s medical staff will use the date of the mother’s last menstrual period and a first trimester ultrasounds to determine the gestational age.

How accurate are ultrasounds in determining gestational age?

Ultrasounds in early pregnancy are the most accurate way to determine gestational age, especially for anyone with irregular menstrual cycles. An ultrasound scan confirm the viability of the pregnancy or let you know if you are at risk for a natural miscarriage. This service is 100% free, confidential, and available for you.

What is the difference between gestational age and weeks pregnant?

Gestational age is the time beginning with the mother’s last menstrual period (LMP) to the present (and as a result, includes the two weeks before conception occurred). It tells you how far along the pregnancy has progressed. Gestational age is the number most people use when describing how many weeks pregnant.  To learn more about week by week changes during pregnancy, click here.

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