Material Assistance

Agape understands that sometimes life gets overwhelming and you just need a little help to keep going. We are glad to provide some material assistance for any parent in our community. Call us today to talk about your situation and how we may be able to help.

If you could benefit from further aid, we would be happy to connect you to other community resources and tell you about our Hope classes! Hope classes not only equip parents with education and mentorship, but they also provide material assistance each week clients attend. Click here to read more about Agape’s Hope Classes.


I’m new here. Can you help me figure out TennCare?

If you are new to this area, TennCare is our state’s managed Medicaid agency. A Verification of Pregnancy will be needed to apply and Agape can provide that to you upon confirmation of a positive pregnancy test. We are also glad to walk you through the process! We are available to sit down with you and answer your questions.