Prenatal Care

What even is prenatal care? Let us help you understand the basics.

At its simplest, prenatal care is a way to help you have a healthy pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy is a great way to promote a healthy birth and baby. Usually, when people talk about prenatal care, they’re referring to periodic visits with a doctor, nurse practitioner, PA, or midwife to monitor and promote the health of you and your baby throughout pregnancy.  

At these appointments, your practitioner will have various recommendations for you (like “Take folic acid!”) and will conduct the necessary tests to ensure your pregnancy is proceeding as scheduled. The cost of prenatal care depends on where you go, whether you have insurance, and how much testing you require.

Agape doesn’t provide prenatal care, but we are more than happy to have a conversation with you about the importance of it, provide a list of local options, and find other ways to support you throughout your pregnancy.