First Choice Health Services is a non-profit and free medical clinic that has served the Modesto, California area for more than 30 years now.  All of our services are provided free of charge to our patients due to the generous contributions of the Central Valley community members.

We’ve run tens of thousands of pregnancy tests, we’ve performed thousands of first-trimester ultrasounds, and we’ve been honored to walk alongside so many pregnant women in the community facing monumental life changes.

We would love for you to meet our team of 20+ in person, but for now, here are a few of our staff members:

Meet Amanda, R.N.

Amanda is our nurse manager and has been on our team since 2014. She leads our medical team, comprised of a variety of medical backgrounds. Amanda is an Escalon gal, who grew up in the cute small town and has lived there her entire life!


Meet Amie, N.P. 

Amie is a nurse practitioner who is going to school to become a midwife. She is as sweet as a peach and loves getting to sit one-on-one with patients.


Meet Julie, R.N.

Julie is the newest nurse on our medical team, bringing that team to 7. She is likely one of the first people that you’ll meet in-person in our clinic. Years ago, Julie volunteered with us as a patient advocate and has now returned to our team as a nurse.

Julie has seen more of the country that most of our team, residing in both Louisiana and Connecticut but is now back in our dear Modesto. Also, different from most of the population, sweets are not the way to her heart, as she prefers all things salty to anything sweet. 


Meet Jamie

Jamie is likely the first person you’ll talk to if you call First Choice. She has a big and bold personality and brightens up everyone’s day! 

Jamie grew up in the Modesto area and has lived here all of her life. As a teen mom herself, she loves getting the opportunity to walk along those facing an unplanned pregnancy and be their cheerleader as they face the hardest but most amazing time in their life. Fun fact: Jamie enjoys eating all things spicy and likes the combo of chips with bleu cheese. Have you tried it? 


Meet Courtney

Courtney is our Clinic Director. She oversees all of the day-to-day operations in our medical clinic. Courtney grew up in Lodi in a perfect location…a 5-minute walk to school and walking distance to the “hang-out spot” – the mall! She now proudly resides in Modesto. 

Her favorite strange food combination is BBQ sauce on white rice. Interesting! 


Every person on staff, every volunteer donating their time and talents, feel grateful for each opportunity we have to connect with women and their families as they make decisions about their pregnancy and future. We are passionate about providing accurate, reliable information that allows each woman and family to make the choice that is best for them.