How do I make an appointment at First Choice Health Services? 
How much do each of your services cost? 
  • Nothing! All services, and all appointments, are provided at no charge to our patients. That includes our pregnancy testing, first-trimester ultrasounds, follow-up consultations, and access to our material resources (provided through our pregnancy and parenting classes).   
  • Additionally, no insurance is required either.  
What do I need to bring with me to my appointment? 
  • Please bring a form of photo ID with you to your appointment. It can be a driver’s license, a school ID, a passport—anything that has your photo and your name. It is only used for privacy purposes in your file to ensure that it is always you accessing your information.  
  • You may also bring a support person with you to your appointment. It can be a friend, your partner, your parent—it’s up to you and what you would feel most comfortable with.
What kind of pregnancy test do you offer? 
  • We offer physician-grade urine testing at this clinic. These tests are highly accurate and have results within minutes.
I’m underage. Do I have to bring a parent or guardian? 
  • No, you do not. This appointment is completely confidential and does not require your parents’ consent. If you choose, you may come to the appointment alone, or you may bring another support person, such as a friend.
What can I expect from an appointment at First Choice Health Services? 
  • Your first, initial appointment will be a pregnancy test appointment to confirm that you are, in fact, pregnant. You’ll be meeting with a registered nurse to discuss the medical side of your needs and also an advocate to help navigate any other ways we can support you. This is a great opportunity to discuss what your feelings regarding the pregnancy are and what options are available to you (including abortion, adoption or parenting).
  • Your second appointment, if your pregnancy test is positive, will be a first-trimester ultrasound. These ultrasounds are performed by trained registered nurses who undergo yearly proficiency training to ensure their skills are up-to-date. These ultrasounds are incredibly important in helping determine how far along you are in the pregnancy, checking for viability (is the embryo/fetus in the uterus, or fallopian tubes?), and also checking for heartbeat (are you possibly miscarrying?).
  • Again, all of these services are completely free.
How long are the appointments? 
  • The appointments may take up to 45 minutes to one hour. 
  • If you have a tight schedule and need help finding an appointment that works for you, please contact us by phone or text so we can do our best to get you in.
Do you accept walk-ins? 
  • While walk-ins may be accommodated, that will always depend on our schedule for the day as well as our staffing capabilities. Because of that, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure you will be seen.
Do you provide abortion services? 
  • First Choice Health Services does not provide, or refer for, abortions. However, we remain committed to providing you with the medical information you need about your body so that you can make the decision that is right for you. Our nurses and advocates can discuss all of your pregnancy options with you,  which does include Abortion.  We do not charge for our services. We do not profit from any medical decision you make. You are encouraged to get sound medical advice and take the time needed to process your options.